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Chotelal Sharma

A Father, a Friend, a Master Craftsman, an Artist.

Your delicate & beautiful stone work, your legacy in the city of Agra will carry on through your son.

The world will surely miss your presence.

We at Asha Handicrafts will mourn your loss, but will never forget you.

Our thoughts & prayers go out to the Sharma family.

On the death of a friend, we should consider that the fates through confidence have devolved on us the task of a double living, that we have henceforth to fulfil the promise of our friend's life also, in our own, to the world.

- Henry David Thoreau

World Fair Trade Day was celebrated at our office in Mumbai and our craft centers across India on 13 May 2017.  In the communities around our centers, Awareness Talks were held on “Fair Trade: Protecting the Environment” for our artisan groups.  For the artisan community’s children, Drawing Competitions were organized, where they showcase their ideas on how they can save the environment. Tree plantation program was also held to support the cause of respect for the environment. Activities like forming human chains with joining hand in hand promoting Agents for Change & commitment to Fair Trade and the Planet were also held.

At our craft center in Saharanpur, Agra, Jaipur, Moradabad & Bhopal more than 300 artisans & community members participated in the celebration. Our welfare workers on the site began the celebration with a short discussion on Fair Trade & the importance of  protecting the environment. The participants then joined hands to form a Human Chain & walked through their communities, shouting and spreading the word of Fair Trade. A total of 49 saplings was planted across our craft centers. The care of these saplings has been entrusted to the participants living near the areas where they were planted to ensure they grow into trees.

At our office in Mumbai, to spread awareness of Fair Trade Products, our staff was each gifted with a Cloth Bag, a Handmade Fair Trade Eco Product, with a short story about Fair Trade and Asha Handicrafts commitment to protecting the environment. This product was then re-gifted to our staff’s friends, family members or neighbors, spreading the message of Fair Trade.
Asha Handicrafts was formed in 1975, with the mandate to

India has always been renowned for its rich silk fabrics, woodcarvings and carpets. However, many of these products are produced in conditions of abject poverty for the craftsmen, exploited by large producers and moneylenders.

Asha Handicrafts is a not-for-profit making body, based in Mumbai, India, working to promote Fair Trade and Fair Trade practices.

As a member organisation of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Asha Handicrafts ensures that the benefits of handicraft production reach the craftspeople themselves.


By the year 2020, Asha Aspires to be one of the nation’s leading fair trade organizations for Indian handicrafts, covering products of almost all states in India.


Asha handicrafts is a not-for-profit an environment conscious organization whose mission is to promote the social and economic welfare of its artisans and producer groups in India, by providing marketing facilities for their products through fair trade practices


 Mumbai 10 September 2016


Letter from the Chairman        


It gives me great pleasure to present my first report to you after taking over as Chairman of Asha Handicrafts Association in August 2015. We have had our share of challenges, trials, tribulations and operational issues, but through it all God’s hand of guidance and His love has carried us throughout the past year.


Asha Handicrafts Association is a unique vehicle functioning specially for the uplift of the Artisans of India. The organisation’s efforts to fulfil this role has been dedicated and compassionate. Being a part of the Globally established Fair Trade organization, we are one of the very few organisations that gives the Artisans of India fair returns for their artistic efforts.


I am privileged and blessed to be the voice of the Asha team that has worked tirelessly to meet the objectives of this organization. On behalf of the Members of the Board, I take this opportunity to appreciate and thank all our Vendors in India, our Buyers globally, our staff in Mumbai and different parts of India and members of Asha’s General Body for the continued support.


Above all, I thank God for guiding us all in our thoughts, prayers and efforts to carry this organization throughout the past year and set us up to face and overcome the challenges of the business in the years to come.


Privileged to serve


Darryl Braganza

Chairman of the Board


Letter from the CEO


A single action is worth a thousand intentions;

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step


That was the intention of the late Founder Mrs. Iscah Andrews in 1975 when her single action to eradicate poverty to a single handicraft artisan has translated into impacting thousands of artisans creating heartwarming stories across India. 

Asha in these 40 years has wrestled with building capacity, empowering women, growing the market, providing stable income, enhancing working conditions and creating lasting results for artisan communities in major states of India.

Have we reached our goal? Hardly yet, I would reiterate with a long way to go in alleviating poverty and building even more fair trade credible groups.

So let me present you this year’s annual review with a big ‘thank you’ for your interest and support, and a challenge to each of us, especially the staff of Asha.  Set out each day with a ‘single action’ to build lasting communities that we pray will go a thousand miles!


Lucas Caldeira

Chief Executive Officer